• Japanese Language Courses

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    Japanese Language Proficiency Test

    The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is required by Universities and many companies in Japan. However a lot of people take the test to gauge their language ability. Our courses are designed around your needs and abilities.

    We can help you improve your score.

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    Conversational Japanese

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    Survival Japanese

    If you are too busy or only in Japan for a short time, our Survival Japanese class can help.

    Learn Japanese for shopping, dining and just getting things done.

    The course covers asking basic questions, getting directions, reading signs and many more.

    In addition you will also learn some handy tips to avoid cultural mishaps.

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    Customized Coursework

    If your needs are more specific we can design a course for your job, a presentation, a business trip, reading, writing and many more topics.